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Alana Sorge, a dynamic artist based in Calgary, Alberta, finds her muse in the vibrant hues of abstract expressionism. With a passion for painting that knows no bounds, she fearlessly navigates the canvas, infusing each stroke with energy and emotion. 

Alana draws inspiration from the beauty found in the subtle nuances of everyday life and its juxtaposition to the complexity of the fast paced modern world. Her work combines bold colours and expressive forms with familiar imagery, striving to capture the essence of life's intricacies and explore the depth of human emotion through art.

Embracing the belief that art should embody elements of playfulness and fun, Alana incorporates joy into her creative process, infusing her work with a sense of whimsy and delight. Through her creations, Alana invites us to explore the beauty of the abstract, reminding us that it's not just seen, but felt.


Currently living and working in Calgary, Alberta, Sorge earned her BFA at Alberta University of the Arts. She has various works collected internationally. 


Sorge is currently accepting commissions, and is excited to forward her mission of bringing original artwork into every home. 

You can contact Alana Sorge through the Contact page, through email at, or through Instagram @alanasorgeart.

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